Brief Background

The conception of our company was inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We realized that businesses in our country needed partners that are clued up with all facets of Technology in order to make it possible for them to keep up and not be left out. The websites and other applications that we develop speak to real world problems that companies are trying to resolve. We don't own any shelves; hence each and every solution is crafted to suite specific needs for specific customers, in the shortest period of time. The biggest similarity in solutions that we provide is that they are data driven, and in most instances create a bridge between our customers and consumers of their products.

What Do We Do?

On a daily basis, our company does the following:

  • Software Development
    • Customer Requirements
    • Design
    • Development
    • Implementation
  • Mobile Applications
    • iOs
    • Android
    • Multiple Web Browser Based
  • Web Applications
    • Responsive and Smart Websites
  • Cloud Based Systems
  • Project Management
  • Product Support and Maintenance
  • All Solutions are Custom Crafted
  • Operating Advertising Platforms
    • Digital Screens
    • Billboard Design
    • Website Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Content Management

We Are Your Go To Partner

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring along overnight disruptions to businesses and job profiles, and will be such that if you are unable to keep up, you will be consumed. Ensure you have us on your corner; we will engineer quick fight backs that will provide you with a competitive advantage.

Not Locked To Specific Industry

To us, only the Sky is the limit, we have no boundaries and are scared of no challenges. We are not locked-in to operate within a specific industry. Our solutions are required by customers from a vast range of industries. Thus far, we have delivered solutions from customers that operate in the following sectors:

  • Engineering Soultions
  • Online Stores
  • Schools and Colleges (Education)
  • Sport Federations
  • Electricity Utilities
  • Rental Management Agencies
  • Monthly Customer Billing Invoices
  • Online Registration Platforms

Lead Times

Depending on the complexity of your problem and solution, we can get your application online as quickly as within two days. Believe it or not, YES, within two days, your website could be available and fully functional on the internet.

Changing Requirements

We are highly versatile, it's in our nature, hence are able to adapt to changing sets of requirements at any point in the project. Our solution designs are highly modular and flexible, making it easy to introduce and implement changes, at any point during project execution. Once we are in the loop, our customers are able to focus on the core competencies of their companies, whilst we revitalize their environment to increase productivity.

Life After Go Live

We offer our customers affordable rates to maintain, improve and ensure 100% uptime on all our solutions.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

We facilitate for the hosting of most of our solutions, so your company does not worry about the costs of owning servers, operating systems and other connectivity infrastructure. Literally, only a few laptops, mobile devices (cellphones) that are connected to the internet, is all your company requires to run a fully-fledged office.

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